Miami Reporter Samantha Rivera Getting Death Threats After Stiff Arming NHL Fan in Live Shot

By Kevin Eck 

CBS Miami (WFOR) reporter Samantha Rivera made news last week after she stiff armed a fan out of her postgame live shot while covering game two of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Rivera was reporting for the Miami CBS owned station after the Florida Panthers lost to the Las Vegas Golden Knights 7-2. While some were in favor of the well-executed move to clear the shot, some folks on social media let her know they disagreed.

“I’ve been getting an influx of hate messages/comments these past couple days and to those people, I’d like to ask if maybe now is a good time for you to move out of your mom’s basement??” she wrote. “Stay blessed.”


Sports Illustrated said that sports reporter W.G. Ramirez spoke with Rivera about it and said its “straight criminal” that she’d been getting death threats.

“Take what you want out of context, but to threaten someone’s life over a tweet that came immediately after an emotional situation is ridiculous,” he wrote on Twitter.