Mayor Facing Charges, Police Investigate WTNH Audio

By Andrew Gauthier 


In East Haven, Connecticut, the Board of Police Commissioners is trying to determine who leaked controversial 911 tapes to a local television station. ABC-affiliate WTNH obtained audio of Mayor April Capone Almon 911 call during an altercation at a public beach this summer. In July, the mayor and her assistant challenged Officer Michael Sorbo‘s decision to tow six cars from the lot, which resulted in the two women being arrested. Capone Almon pleaded not guilty to the charge of “interfering with a police officer” on September 16th.

On the tape, which WTNH aired on September 4th, Capone Almon, a Democrat, complains about Officer Sorbo, who ran (and lost) as a Republican for town council. “I have (expletive) had it with Officer Sorbo playing cute down here at the beach,” the mayor can be heard saying. (Video here)

The source of the leak is unknown. Police Chief Leonard Gallo denies that he or any officer working in the records room is involved. The tape was leaked after Town Attorney Patricia Cofrancesco denied requests for it under the Freedom of Information Act, including one filed by WTNH. Cofrancesco refused on the basis that the tapes were part of a pending investigation.

Capone Almon maintains that “at all times I was acting in my authority and in the best interest of the people of East Haven.” She also assured reporters that she was not concerned about the effect the arrest, leak, and hearing might have on her success in the upcoming election.