Marvin Scott Marks 35 Years at New York’s WPIX

By Mark Joyella Comment

This month, longtime reporter Marvin Scott will hit a milestone: 35 continuous years at New York City CW affiliate WPIX.

“Marvin is a legend in New York, a veteran journalist with over 50 years of experience on-air, with 35 consecutive years of award-wining reporting here at PIX11,” said WPIX news director Amy Waldman in a statement. “His body of work spans multiple continents and several presidencies and we are incredibly proud of the work he delivers to our viewers.”

Scott, who serves as the station’s senior correspondent and public affairs host, began his career at 14, when he sold a photo of a fire to the New York Daily News, which was then located in the same building as WPIX.

“There’s a touch of irony in the fact that my career has evolved over 35 years in the same building where as a teenager, I had my first dreams of becoming a reporter. I feel blessed to still be living that dream so many years later,” said Scott.