Man Throws Student Journalist’s Gear into Street

By Kevin Eck 

Minnesota State University Moorhead College student Samantha Starck was shooting video for a project when a man came up, grabbed her gear, threw it into the street then yelled something about the media.

“I was confused. I turned off the camera and I looked at him. He was smiling,” Starck told WDAY. Click here to watch the story. “[I] freaked out. I got into shock mode.”

She called police, who arrested Christopher Bakken from Fargo. When they found him he was punching signs and cars. He also admitted to stealing a delivery van and leaving it running just before he threw the camera gear.


“Complete shock, because something like does not ever happen,” said MSUM Journalism Professor, Aaron Quanbeck. “Equipment can be replaced, equipment can be repaired. Just happy she’s okay.”

Starck said she still plans on being a journalist. “It’s not going to scare me away from anything,” said Starck.”