Man Gets Out of Car and Rushes Crew During Live Shot in Oklahoma

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Oklahoma City reporter Dillon Richards of KOCO has video of a man leaping out of his car to interrupt him and his photographer during a live shot.

In the video, which Richards posted on Twitter, a car pulls up to a red light while Richards is filming at an intersection. A man runs from the vehicle toward Richards and the camera, flashing a middle finger. That’s when the station cuts back to the studio.

“Shoutout to this guy for getting out of his car **while stopped at a light** to run up and scream at us during a live shot,” Richards tweeted. “He yelled some expletives at me, but joke’s on him – we cut away right before!”


Dillon says his videographer asked the man why he did what he did, and that the response was “free speech.”

The video got attention from other reporters on Twitter.

“When I see these videos my stomach drops because I immediately think of what could go wrong,” Blayke Roznowski, formerly of Nashville’s News Channel 5, said. “I think of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward who were killed while doing a live shot. This is *not* funny.”