Man Accused of Shooting San Diego Sports Anchor in Court

By Kevin Eck 

The man accused of shooting KFMB sports director Kyle Kraska was in court today for a preliminary hearing.

“He kept firing his weapon and I looked down and saw holes in my clothing and blood. I told him you shot me. He said nothing,” Kraska said during today’s hearing.

Mike Montana faces 38 years to life if convicted of shooting Kraska in front of his Scripps Ranch home in February.


KFMB reports Montana “sat quietly throughout the hearing, wearing dress clothes and glasses as Kyle Kraska testified.”

At the time of the shooting, Montana was out on bail. Kraska’s neighbor testified in Tuesday’s hearing that he had hired Montana in January to paint his Scripps Ranch home and made three payments. Montana then proceeded to advance him for additional money for gas, rent, food and medications totaling $2,200.

Montana is said to have left a threatening note at Kraska’s home demanding that he pay him $2,200 or that he would regret it. Kyle read the note during Tuesday’s hearing.

“It says Kyle, you’re using the house I painted. But you owe me $2,200. It’s in your best interest to pay me. Send it to Mike Montana.”