Maine Grandpa Sends Local Anchor Handwritten Note Asking Her to Date His Son

By Kevin Eck 

WMTW anchor Allison Ross is being asked to play a part in one man’s plan for his grandson’s future.

The hopeful grandparent sent the Portland, Maine evening anchor a handwritten letter asking if he could set her up with his grandson.

The letter starts with assumption that Ross is single. “If so, I’d like you to meet my 22 year old grandson,” reads the letter (pictured). “I’m trying to get him into a relationship with a future. If you would be curious, I can send you his resume. He is a handsome ‘dude’ six feet tall.”


“A grandfather wrote to me trying to set up his grandson,” wrote Ross. “This is phenomenal. And yes sir, please attach that resume.”
Ross also tweeted that she thinks she “should request to meet this ‘handsome dude.'”