Longtime Des Moines Meteorologist Announces Retirement

By Kevin Eck 

John McLaughlin has worked at Des Moines, Iowa CBS affiliate KCCI for more than 30 years. Friday, the station’s chief meteorologist announced his retirement.

“This is a sad day personally and professionally,” said KCCI news director Dave Busiek. “I’ve worked with John for more than 30 years. He’s been a strong leader for our weather team and completely committed to protecting Iowans. John is recognized nationally for being an expert in severe weather detection using radar, and I’m confident he has saved lives.”

“Perhaps the greatest benefit to working this job for the past three decades is the people I had the pleasure of working with side by side for so many years. Our entire news staff was always like family,” McLaughlin wrote on his Facebook page. “The weather staff was more like blood brothers and sisters. I would fight in dark places with any of the weather team by my side.”


McLaughlin is stepping down due to health issues.

“As for my illness, it is a permanent auto immune disease,” said McLaughlin. “My physicians and specialists figured out what caused it. The long term cough so many of you noticed is gone as the granulomas in my lungs have healed with time. However, my body attacking itself has left me with severe fatigue which limits what I can do, and when I can do it. It has robbed me of being productive all day long like I used to be. Perhaps this affliction is God’s way of slowing me down and looking at life a new way. I have good doctors in Des Moines and Cleveland, Ohio. We are trying new things and will never give up the fight. I am a warrior and keep getting up when knocked down. Yes, there have been plenty of knock downs, but never a knock out!”