Longtime Central NY Journalist Dies

By Kevin Eck 

Friends and co-workers gathered last week to say goodbye to Bill Carey, senior reporter for Time Warner Cable News Central NY.

Carey died after a nearly two year battle with lung cancer. He was 61.

The station posted a tribute to the veteran reporter on its website with eulogies from colleagues and newsmakers. Click here to see.

“He worked with and helped launched careers for dozens if not hundreds of journalists now scattered across the country, in his more than 4 decades in Syracuse radio and TV,”wrote News director Ron Lombard. “To call him a legend here is no overstatement.”

Lombard added, “We’ll forever be grateful for having known him, for having the privilege of working with him, and for calling him our friend.”

Bill grew up in Auburn, and landed his first radio job at hometown WMBO. It was 1971. He was still a teenager. No college degree, no formal journalism training. Five years later he was running the large and competitive newsroom at 62-WHEN in Syracuse.

He made his move to TV in the 80s, eventually becoming news director at WTVH-5, and later back to radio for a brief stint in charge of news at WSYR.

Bill would be the first to admit he preferred mentoring to management.  But what he really loved was storytelling. And he did that better than just about anyone. First at channel 5, then at channel 9 in the 90s, then fortunately for us, in 2003, when he signed on with the fledgling cable news operation we knew back then as News 10 Now.