Long Island Reporter Has A Knife Pulled On Her During Story, Photographer Rolls On It

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

News 12 Long Island reporter, Virginia Huie, had a knife pulled on her while doing an interview and then did a story about it.

Huie’s piece aired on Monday night’s newscast.

The website says, “A Levittown business owner facing backlash over a Facebook post — in which he called a firefighter killed in the line of duty a “parasite” — was arrested Monday after threatening a News 12 reporter with a knife.”


According Huie’s story, she was going to confront Jeremy Henggler about the Facebook post. The post read, “Stuck in traffic for over an hour, with no escape options, all because some agent of the state die.”

Once Henggler pulled out the knife, Huie called 911 and he was arrested.

You can watch the story here. We reached out to News 12 reps but they declined to comment further.

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