Local TV Stations Capture Crazy Moments from Cubs Win

By Kevin Eck 

When a team wins a championship fans usually go nuts, get drunk, light things on fire. So when the Cubs won the World series after 108 years of not, one almost expects local stations to capture odd moments. Chicago stations did not disappoint.

Chicago CBS-owned station WBBM got Cubs fan Bill Murray drenching reporters and camera people with champagne. By the looks of it, he got a couple of crews from Fox-owned WFLD in addition to the WBBM crew.


Here’s WFLD’s view

WFLD by virtue of Fox’s broadcast caught Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein dropping an F-Bomb on live TV.

“Five outs away and, you know, Pedro stays in and we give it up and losing Aaron Boone and its baseball and you can never get too exc…,” said Epstein, talking about his experiences with the Boston Red Sox in 2003. “…People are texting me ‘Congrats’ and I’m like f**k you!”

We saw it first on Deadspin.

Not from a local station, but if this is real, it’s pretty incredible. It’s the sound Chicago makes when it wins a World Series.