Local Owned Stations Send Reporters to Paris

By Kevin Eck 

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After the terrorist attacks in Paris Friday left at least 129 dead and countless others wounded, local owned station groups sent on-air talent overseas to cover the aftermath.

The reporters or anchors who went were mainly from either New York or Los Angeles. Fox Television Stations Group is the only one not sending anyone. The station group is using its resources at Fox News and SKY News to add to its reporting.

NBC-owned stations sent David Ushery from WNBC in New York. WCAU in Philadelphia sent Jim Rosenfield.

ABC Owned Television Stations sent two from opposite coasts. Jim Dolan came from New York owned station WABC, while David Ono and photographer Brandon Carrillo went for Los Angeles owned station KABC. Both have been reporting for the other owned stations as well as their own, with Ono helping out the West Coast stations.

WCBS reporter Tony Aiello is reporting for the CBS Television Stations.

Tribune also has anchor Dan Mannarino from WPIX on the ground with a producer and a photographer.