Little Rock Station Cuts Away From Sex Story on The Bachelor

By Kevin Eck 

If you were watching The Bachelor on Monday in Little Rock, Arkansas, you missed a story about one of the contestants walking in her ex-boyfriend having sex with another woman.

A quick check of tveyes shows ABC affiliate KATV cut away from the story at 8:42 p.m. while contestant Raven Gates was in mid-sentence telling Bachelor Nick Viall about the encounter. The station came back just as the story was ending, again in mid-sentence.

KATV GM Mark Rose the The Washington Post it was “truly one of those unfortunate errors” and said Master Control entered the wrong times into the station log.

The Post says Gates lives about two hours away from Little Rock, “so you would think that audience in particular would be interested in hearing what she had to say. After the episode, Gates tweeted that her story was “censored” in central Arkansas and urged fans to find the clip online.” That tweet has since been removed.

“I’m obviously not pleased [with] what happened,” said Rose said and called what happened a “pure and simple” mistake.

“We’re trying to put things in place so it doesn’t happen again,” he said.