Little Rock Reporters Feud Over Courtroom Tweeting

By Kevin Eck 

Reporters from the Little Rock NBC and ABC affiliates got into a fight big enough to attract police attention over social media use during a trial.

Arkansas Online reports KARK‘s Drew Petrimoulx confronted KATV‘s Marine Glisovic about tweeting during the trial of a judge charged with negligent homicide in the death of his 17-month-old son.

“Glisovic said Petrimoulx got loud in her face which began an argument between the two of them,” said a police report which also said Petrimoulx, the NBC affiliate reporter, “‘continued to harass’ [the ABC affiliate reporter] as she walked down the stairs of the courthouse.”

Petrimoulx told police it wasn’t fair Glisovic could tweet when the presiding judge “told them no cellphones.”

KATV news director Nick Genty told TVSpy management from both stations have spoken and consider the incident resolved. “Marine is an experienced, professional journalist who is abiding by the rules of the court,” said Genty.