Little Rock Reporter Knocked to Ground in Courthouse Elevator

By Kevin Eck 

Little Rock NBC affiliate KARK has filed a complaint with local police after reporter Marci Manley was pushed to the ground at the Garland County Circuit Courthouse on Friday.

Manley was covering the trial of a local judge whose son was found dead in a hot car last summer.

The whole thing seemed to start when supporters of Judge Wade Naramore formed a human wall to separate the media from the judge as he walked to the courthouse stairs.


As Arkansas Online reports it was when “several reporters got into an elevator to reach [Judge Naramore] on the ground floor, and family members attempted to block cameramen from coming into the same elevator” that Manley ended up getting pushed to the ground.

News director Austin Kellerman told TVSpy, the station is filing a complaint with the Hot Springs Police Department after Manley “was pushed down by an unnamed woman who identified herself as family of Judge Naramore.”

“While Marci wasn’t hurt, we filed an incident report so there’s a record of this happening,” says Kellerman. “She looks forward to continuing to follow this case. We’re hopeful Judge Naramore’s supporters are more respectful of the press at future court proceedings.

Here’s audio of the push:

Click here to see video.

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