Letterman’s Sponsors Appear to Be Unperturbed

By Andrew Gauthier 

The New York Times

How much have opinions on Madison Avenue changed about “Late Show With David Letterman” since Mr. Letterman’s startling disclosures about his personal life?

Well, one of the commercials that ran during the show on Tuesday night was from the Disney parks and resorts division of the Walt Disney Company.


If so squeaky clean a marketer seemingly has no qualms about wishing upon a star like Mr. Letterman after last week’s events, it is unlikely other advertisers would –barring, agency executives and media experts say, any disturbing or scandalous additional disclosures.

So long as viewers stick with Mr. Letterman, they believe, most if not all his sponsors will remain on board.

“There might be some negative short-term implications,” said Steven J. Farella, president and chief executive at the TargetCast TCM media agency, like advertisers “telling CBS, ‘We don’t need you'”–particularly at a time when advertising rates for late-night programming are beginning “to tighten up.” More…