Layoffs Expected at AP by Year’s End

By Andrew Gauthier 


Since the Associated Press hasn’t met targeted cuts in payroll, it’s expected that there will be layoffs by the end of 2009.

“As first outlined by President and CEO Tom Curley last November, the AP’s goal is to reduce payroll costs by 10 percent this year,” spokesman Paul Colford said in a statement. “That goal remains in place and we are moving forward carefully to meet it.”

When asked about reducing staff, Colford acknowledged that layoffs were first raised as a possibility a year ago and remain a likelihood if the goal isn’t met.

Over the summer, the AP tried bringing down staff levels through a voluntary retirement program. In a July memo to staff, obtained by POLITICO, there are 92 staffers listed as taking the buyout. (I’ve heard there may have been about five more).

Early estimates put the 10 percent payroll cut at roughly 400 staffers. But it’s unclear how many would be cut, given that the targeted reduction is in payroll and not a direct headcount. More…