Layoffs at Spectrum’s New York News Station

By Kevin Eck 

Spectrum’s New York news operation NY1 has laid off several on-air staffers.

TVSpy has learned parenting correspondent Shelley Goldberg, anchor John Schiumo, Tara Lynn Wagner, Adam Balkin and Susan Jhun and possibly others have been let go.

A Charter spokesperson told TVSpy “As with any network, we’re constantly evolving to find better ways to reach and engage our viewers. We seek to provide the most compelling information and entertainment possible by providing more context, in-depth reporting, analysis and explanation, cultivating a more relevant and thoughtful conversation that makes Spectrum News essential in the lives of Spectrum subscribers. From time to time, our programming and staffing will change as we strive to better cover the stories that resonate most with our viewers.”

The moves comes after Charter bought Time Warner for $ 67 million in 2016.

“We are focusing our efforts in areas where we see the highest viewership and value for our customers,” said the spokesperson. “We have used a series of factors to evaluate what is most important and are therefore shoring up local news with more money, more content and investigative original programming, all of which is replacing programming in segments like cooking, movies and travel – areas which are now deeply saturated by digital content and apps.”

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