Last Minute Glitch Stops WFLD Saturday Night News from Airing

By Kevin Eck 

Last Saturday, Chicago FOX owned station WFLD had to punt at the last minute when a technical glitch derailed plans to air its late news after NASCAR.

Chicago media critic Robert Feder reported, “Weekend news anchors Larry Yellen and Natalie Bomke were on the set and ready to go live when the station abruptly aborted the newscast and shifted to entertainment programming. Viewers were given no explanation for the switch.”

At around 10:40 p.m., the station showed an episode of the animated series “Lucas Brothers Moving Co” instead.

There’s no word yet what that glitch was. Because of NASCAR coverage going long, the preemption came at an opportune time for the station, since TVSpy bets the number of viewers upset there was no newscast was probably smaller than usual.

Robert Feder