Las Vegas Entertainment Reporter’s Bumpy Rise to Top

By Andrew Gauthier 

Las Vegas Sun

The artist leans in slowly, delicately gripping a thin MAC Cosmetics lip brush in his right hand while holding his subject’s face still with his left. Alicia Jacobs doesn’t typically let a person in so close, but now she is almost face-to-face with her longtime friend and trusted photographer, Jerry Metellus.

Metellus is brushing Jacobs’ face with the same care a painter takes when sweeping colors over a blank canvas. As a young photographer, Metellus was often called “Jerry Meticulous,” and he’s showing why now. He dabs at Jacobs’ mouth, slowly shading it crimson. Between dabs, she says through pursed lips, “He makes it look like I’ve had a lip job– a good one.” More…