KWTV Storm Chasers Save Man From Wildfire

By Kevin Eck 

A KWTV crew saved a man who was fighting the Woodward County wildfire in Oklahoma.

The man was a county worker who was using a road grader to help fight the fire, but got too close to the flames.

“He can’t get out!” you can hear Amy Castor, who, along with her husband Val is a StormTracker at the Griffin-owned Oklahoma City CBS affiliate, say as the flames got closer. “Come on guy! He needs to get out of it! Come on guy, get out! Come on get out… Come on!”

The man escaped the cab of the grader and ran to the Castor’s storm tracking truck. On the video, you can hear the man thank the two as they quickly backed away from the fire.

“We are extremely proud of the job that Val and Amy Castor do every day to help keep Oklahomans safe and could not be more impressed with their bravery and selflessness yesterday when they saved Jason Perks in the Woodward County Fire,” said a Griffin spokesperson. “Val and Amy are incredible Oklahomans who are constantly braving the elements to warn, protect and at times save their fellow Oklahomans.”

“They were fortunately in the right place at the right time yesterday as they were tracking the fire and sending in live reports for News 9 and our sister station News On 6.”