KWTV Celebrates 25 Years of Kelly Ogle

By Kevin Eck 

Oklahoma City CBS affiliate KWTV is celebrating 25 years of Kelly Ogle, who started at the station on Oct. 15, 1990.

“He’s helped us better understand big events… and shared heartfelt stories,” KWTV wrote on its tribute page. “But even more than that Kelly has been a friend, mentor and calm in the storm for so many of us.”

As part of a week remembering Ogle’s time at KWTV, the station will highlight the “awesome and kind things that he does in the background and never wants or gets credit for.” KWTV will use the hashtag #ThanksBub, Ogle’s signature saying, to encourage viewers to be like Kelly and perform their own random acts of kindness.

You may have heard the Ogle name before. According to Ogle’s bio, his father, Jack Ogle, is “one of Oklahoma’s most famous broadcast journalists and member of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame.” His two brothers also work in Oklahoma local TV. Kevin and Kent work at KFOR in Oklahoma City. While Kevin’s daughter Abigail is a weekday morning anchor at KOCO in Oklahoma City.

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