KWTV Anchor Kisses Pig for Charity

By Kevin Eck 

When KWTV held a contest to raise money for the Regional Food Bank’s Food for Kids program during the Oklahoma State Fair the goal, other than raising money for a worthy charity, was to make one of their anchors kiss a pig.

Viewers donated to the cause in the name of the Oklahoma City CBS affiliate anchor they wanted to see pucker up with the porker. The winner was chief meteorologist David Payne who raised more than $2,600. He kissed his pig last week. Click here to view the video of that.

But due to some behind the scenes finagling between co-anchors Bobbie Miller and Tammy Payne plus a $5,000 donation from a corporate sponsor, morning anchor Stan Miller got to take a turn in the kissing booth.

He had no idea he had been so chosen until Payne showed up on set with a baby pig named “Izzy” who not only wore a bow, but smeared mud and maybe more on Payne’s sweater.

“Come give me a kiss you stinky little thing,” said Miller who needed a little prodding to plant the smooch. Miller then took “Izzy” in his arms and planted a wet one on her head.

After all was said and kissed, KWTV said it had raised more than $12,000 for the Food for Kids program.