KUSA Apologizes for Inaccuracies in Fact Check Story

By Kevin Eck 

Denver NBC affiliate KUSA apologized to viewers for multiple mistakes it made in a Truth Test about a recall effort for Jefferson County School Board members.

Saying the story wasn’t scrutinized as closely as other Truth Tests, KUSA anchor Kyle Clark told viewers, “It failed to meet our standards for journalism.”

He said the story contained multiple errors, including misinformation about the superintendent’s salary and an inaccurate description of the school district’s plan to build a school without debt.


He then said the station was sincerely sorry for the errors and failures that allowed the mistakes to happen.

CompleteColorado writes news director Christy Moreno “refused to say whether or not education reporter Nelson Garcia made missteps by not contacting the school district to test his assertions or attempt to fact check his own article.”