KTTV’s Gina Silva Asks: ‘Why Do People Yell Profanities During a Reporter’s Live Shot?’

By Aneya Fernando 

Gina Silva, a reporter for Los Angeles FOX affiliate KTTV, has had enough. She’s sick and tired of people barging into her live shots and shouting, “F*&k her right in the p*&sy!”

In a recent post on KTTV’s site, Silva aired her grievances and took a decidedly feminist stance against the behavior:

 A guy I’ve never met, the one in the photo above, was suddenly invading my space yelling obscenities. Quite mysogynistic. I don’t know exactly what kind of man thinks it’s ok to do that to any woman. Would they like it if was done to their sister, daughter, wife or mother? Or would it be ok to walk into a supermarket and yell it at a cashier, a bank teller or a server at a restaurant? Why is it ok to yell it at a reporter?

On the one hand, I agree with her. It’s a juvenile and crude thing to say and no one should have to put up with it. On the other hand, I don’t think these people do it specifically to harass women. These pranksters just want their 15 minutes of fame, and they know that interrupting a reporter and uttering that particular phrase will give them major bragging rights amongst their friends.

Here’s the thing: these people think they can hide behind a sort-of anonymity. They do it, then run and we do nothing about it. In fact, we try to hide it, act like it never happened.

No, I think we need to start outing these people for the disgusting cowards that they are. Let their families, employers, prospective employers, religious leaders know who they are. Maybe they’ll think twice before they yell disgusting things right into the faces of people just trying to do their jobs.

To my fellow reporters, I hope you too take a stand against this type of behavior.

These immature people do need to be called out. Although I highly doubt they’re the type who will be upset if their ‘religious leaders’ find out who they are.

What do you think? Does Silva have a point?