KTLA Reporter Has ‘Shhh’ Scared Out of Her

By Kevin Eck 

KTLA reporter Wendy Burch was wrapping up a live shot Tuesday for the Los Angeles CW affiliate’s morning news when a man tried to get into the shot and got a bit too close.

Burch saw him and screamed, and then said, “You scared the sh*…” dropping the “it” since she was live.

“I’ve gone viral, baby!” Burch wrote on her facebook page. “At last count, getting the bejeezus scared out me live on the KTLA Morning News has received over 500,000 views. My friend Ethan, also posted on YouTube for you viewing pleasure.”

To dispel any notions of racism, she wrote, “And for those of you who have commented that I was only scared because he was a black guy… ‪#‎ShameOnYou‬. I was scared because he creeped up on me… I could NOT see him out of my peripheral vision and Ido NOT have eyes in the back of my head. In fact, if you re-watch the video… it looks like my reaction scared the sh*t out of him too!”