KTLA Crew Kicked Out of McDonald’s While Giving McDonald’s Free Advertising

By Mark Joyella 

And everything seemed to be going so well.

McDonald’s, eager to reverse sales declines, had been happily promoting a big change in the hopes of luring back customers: breakfast all day! Egg McMuffin for dinner? You got it!

Or, as the fast food giant had been promoting it relentlessly ahead of Tuesday’s launch, #AllDayBreakfast:

Cue the paint-by-numbers coverage by local stations like KTLA in Los Angeles, which did several segments, had McDonald’s food on the anchor desk, and sent KTLA Morning News reporter Wendy Burch, who–platter of McDonald’s breakfast items in hand–amiably chatted with customers about their newfound ability to get a McGriddle at any time of the day or night.

And then, apparently appalled at the free advertising and publicity, a McDonald’s employee interrupted the KTLA liveshot to throw them out–hand in the lens and everything, as if it was an ambush interview involving allegations of food poisoning or pushing old ladies.

“This is a first. I’ve been kicked out of McDonald’s,” said Burch on air. Kicked out by one of the station’s own sponsors, no less.

When the KTLA anchors–clearly not amused by the brain-dead treatment of their crew–noticed an IHOP in the background, they suggested heading over there. And IHOP–no dummies when it comes to pour some syrup on a competitor’s PR fumble, invited them “anytime”: