KTIV Transmitting at Full Power Again

By Kevin Eck 

ktiv tower croppedSioux City, Iowa NBC affiliate KTIV can now use the top antenna on its 2,000 foot transmission tower.

A “catastrophic failure” of the station’s transmission line in November forced the NBC affiliate to send out a temporary lowered powered signal and broadcast on a digital sub channel of ABC affiliate KCAU.

Viewers who receive their television programming using an antenna can re-scan their channels now in order to find KTIV on 4.1. KTIV’s digital sub-channels including Siouxland’s CW on 4.2 and Me-TV Siouxland on 4.3 should be receivable by most if not all viewers using an antenna to receive the station’s signal. This change does not affect any viewers who receive television programming via cable or satellite.


“We appreciate the support of our colleagues at KCAU and thank them for allowing us to remain on the air for our viewers,” says KTIV Station Manager, Bridget Breen. “We also wish to express our deepest thanks to our viewers who stuck with us during this difficult time during the last few weeks when our signal broadcast at a much lower power level. I’m very pleased with the progress our engineers at KTIV, Quincy Newspapers and our tower crews who are working to get our signal back to where it needs to be.”