KSHB Gives Live Look at Kansas City Man’s Violent Interruption of State of the City Address

By Kevin Eck 

Kansas City NBC affiliate KSHB gave viewers of its 11:00 a.m. news more than they bargained for yesterday.

The station took a live feed from Kansas City Mayor Sly James‘ “State of the City” address just seconds before a man, later identified as Derron Black, jumped on stage, tossed a flag off the podium and interrupted James by shouting,”This man has just got through talking about exactly what the F$%# he ain’t G@#d*%$ did.”

The station cut the audio feed before anchor Curtis Jay apologized to viewers for what they just witnessed, “We, first off, want to apologize for this. This is live. Happening right now, what you’re looking at. We apologize for the profanity that was used on the air.”

Watch the video of the incident after the jump.

Later, a man who claimed to be Derron Black, had an apology posted to YouTube by a user named MD ALAM.

“This is Derron Black,” the man said, explaining he was at the police station. “I’m just reflecting on all the days events and I would like to apologize to all my fellow Kansas Cityans for being disrespectful and being disruptive today.”

The man who identified himself as Black went on to explain his frustration with the current Mayor saying, “If you had listened to the state of the city and if you have any consciousness about the true reality of the condition of the people of East of Troost or just throughout Kansas City in general you would absolutely be frustrated just like I am.”

On his facebook page, Black describes himself as an autoworker at the Ford Auto plant. He was once a candidate for a seat in the Missouri State House of Representatives.

Here’s what appeared to be Black’s apology posted to YouTube:

Here’s KSHB’s coverage: