KSDK PA In Hot Water for Covering and Participating in Protests

By Aneya Fernando 

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10930852_1552029115047391_5063299075468985250_nJana Marie Gamble is a part-time production assistant at KSDK, the St. Louis NBC affiliate. She’s also a producer, keynote speaker, author and activist, according to her LinkedIn page. Gamble even has her own production company, It’s A Gamble Production, where she creates “films, television show and special events that make a positive impact on our communities.”

All of this to say, Gamble does a lot outside of her position at KSDK. Recently, her actions at various protests suggests she’s mixing her roles into one.

In early March, Gamble helped KSDK cover the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery march. She took about 45 pictures of the rally, which are now online with Farrah Fazal’s story “Selma: Then & Now.” Gamble also uploaded photos from the event on her production company’s Facebook page. She used the hashtags #KSDK, along with #ItsAGambleProduction on the pictures. Gamble herself is in one of the photos, adopting the controversial ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ pose.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Gamble used emails, flyers and social media to promote the Ferguson marches last weekend. She even emailed a reporter at the Post-Dispatch, explaining the importance of the marches, because of “the Ferguson crisis and murder of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson.” Gamble uploaded photos of the march to her production company’s Facebook page. They bear no KSDK hashtag.

Post-Dispatch reporter Joe Holleman contacted KSDK’s station manager Marv Danielski, who simply said, “We do not discuss personnel matters.”

When Holleman asked if KSDK viewers had a right to know if Gamble would be involved in any of the station’s future coverage of Ferguson, Danielski repeated: “My policy is that we do not talk about personnel matters.”

TVSpy has also reached out to Danielski for comment, we’ll update if we hear back.