KRON Ready to Move in With KGO Next Week

By Kevin Eck 

San Francisco MyNetworkTV station KRON is showing off its new office space on the station website.

As we reported earlier, Media General owned KRON is moving in with ABC owned KGO. KRON said it plans to make the move into the third floor of 900 Front street the weekend of November 14 and 15th. KGO occupies the first and second floors.

Despite rumors that this move is the start of some ownership/shared services move by the two station groups, an internal memo obtained by TVSpy shows the realities presented by such a move: parking, security and signage. In other words, KGO and KRON employees are more worried about where they’ll park and if staffers from the rival stations will be nosing around while they’re working.


The answer? Some KGO employees will have to make room for the new tenants by giving up their parking. Those given spaces when the former third floor tenants moved out will most likely be first to go. The memo also said KRON and KGO will stay separate through new security key cards and/badge readers and KRON will get a new sign on the Front Street side of the building. Note to KRON, most of the foot and car traffic is on the other side of the building facing The Embarcadero, which is the main artery between AT&T Park and the tourist mecca of Fisherman’s Wharf.

See the entire memo after the jump.

Below are some changes you may experience in the coming weeks as KRON aims to move in within the next 4-6 weeks:


As previously mentioned, just like our previous third floor tenants KRON is entitled to parking spaces in our garage.   We will start allocating an area of our parking garage in a few days for the exclusive use of KRON employees on a 24/7 basis.  Once these KRON parking spots are clearly marked no KGO team member should use a KRON space at any time.  If you currently have an ongoing parking spot that becomes a KRON parking spot you will be relocated to another parking spot.  For some of you who were temporarily able to begin parking in non-assigned spots in the garage – and you did not have use of the garage prior to the vacancy on the 3rd floor – your temporary parking spot may be reassigned to another spot and potentially no longer available when our new tenant moves in.    We will be in direct contact with you in the next few weeks if your parking needs to be altered.


In order to maintain our landlord/tenant relationship we will be adding some new card/badge readers in some doorways, stairwells and elevators.   These changes will be in place and active before KRON moves into this building.  In addition to these new electronic measures to keep our stations’ operations independent of each other, you are asked to respect the fact that the third floor is not our ABC7 workspace.  We should not be on the third floor unless invited/escorted by a KRON employee.   KRON is issuing a similar policy for their employees in respect to our KGO work areas. KRON’s staff willnot have access to the 2nd floor and most of the 1st floor.  KRON’s control room will be on the 3rd floor and some KRON employees will use some first floor hallways to access their studio.


KRON now has signage facing Front Street (replacing the law firm’s sign) and signage in the lobby will be installed in a few weeks.


The latest estimate we’ve heard from KRON for their move to Front Street is in December.  We’ll keep you posted!