KRON Hires Boston Anchor, Will Launch 10 P.M.

By Kevin Eck 

San Francisco Media General station KRON has hired former NECN anchor Steve Aveson.

New England One reports Aveson will join Pam Moore for the evening newscasts.

Aveson worked at the Boston regional cable network for almost six years.

KRON is also launching a 10 p.m. news which will be anchored by both Aveson and Moore.

“It’s a homecoming for me as a third generation San Franciscan returning to the market where I grew up delivering the Chronicle newspaper to save money for college” Steve told New England One. “The Bay Area is filled with family and friends and I’m excited to take on the challenge of starting a new hour long 10 O’clock newscast with the team at KRON4 starting in Mid May.”