KOKI Reporter Deletes Crown-Wearing Selfie Taken After Burger King Robbery Story

By Kevin Eck 

Salley Crown Shot

KOKI reporter Farron Salley was covering a robbery at a local Burger King this morning. Afterwards, the reporter for the Tulsa FOX affiliate tweeted out a link to an instagram photo showing her wearing a Burger King crown with the caption “Robbery at Burger King… Employees wouldn’t talk on camera but they gave me a crown. #NotMyWay”

The tweet and photo have since been removed, but TVSpy got a screen shot of both. You can see a screen grab of the tweet after the jump.

KOKI news director Suzanne Nadell told TVSpy it was a personnel matter and declined to comment.

Here’s the deleted tweet with the link to the now deleted instagram photo.

salley BK tweet

Her previous tweet was focused on the the story.