KNBC Doubles Down on ‘Chopper Power’

By Mark Joyella 

Have you ever been watching a live police chase in Southern California and found yourself wondering, what if there’s another chase, happening right now, and I’m missing it??? Well worry no more, my friend. NBC-owned KNBC in Los Angeles has “doubled its chopper power” by putting two peacock-emblazoned helicopters in the skies, ever vigilant for car chases, traffic backups and foot pursuits.

In a promo, KNBC describes the basic math leading to the decision to beef up the station’s air power: “over 41,000 square miles…5 million homes…nearly 17 million people…so we did what nobody’s done, and doubled our chopper power.”

KNBC2KNBC adds that “now only one station covers two places at the same time,” which is a claim certain to provoke a few oh reallys across town.

The helicopters, by the way, are called “NewsChopper 4” and “NewsChopper 4,” so try not to get them confused: