KMSP to Launch Talk Show

By Kevin Eck 

FOX-owned Minneapolis-St. Paul station KMSP is launching a one-hour talk show in late summer/early fall, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The 10:00 a.m. show will be hosted by Jason Matheson, who returned to the station in March after leaving to work at CBS owned station WCCO.

Star Tribune media writer CJ adds, “The new Matheson project will obviously bump the “Wendy Williams Show” to 11 a.m. It would’ve been fun, however, to have him go up against WCCO-TV’s new “Mid-Morning” show at 9 a.m., given recent history.”

As you may know, Matheson began his TV career as a WCCO-TV dispatcher in 1997. In 2000 he left WCCO to go to Fox 9 and produce entertainment segments. That expanded into on-camera spots and eventually a 30-minute show. He also was allowed to do a radio show that helped catapult his TV career. When he and Fox 9 could not come to terms on a new contract, Matheson waited out his noncompete and WCCO outbid all the other stations for him. Matheson began doing entertainment segments there, and it appeared that he was about to head up WCCO’s new “Mid-Morning” show (born out of the cancellation of the “Queen Latifah Show”) when he suddenly divorced Channel 4 and reconnected with Channel 9.