KMSP Meteorologist Says Thanks on Social Media

By Kevin Eck 

KMSP meteorologist Ian Leonard used social media to thank everyone for supporting him during his recovery from a concussion suffered in 2013.

He was off the Minneapolis Fox-owned station for nine weeks after it happened. “I was going up for a big glory save at the fantasy camp and as I was coming down, my nose inadvertently met somebody’s forearm/fist and I broke my nose,” Leonard told the Pioneer Press at the time. He found out later he had more than a broken nose, he had a concussion.

“[T]his is not a pity post but rather a positive look at my recovery road-map,” Leonard wrote on Facebook. “With that said I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to everyone for the incredible support.”


Now for something new; in 2010 the FDA approved the use of Botox injections to help with migranes…I have decided to give it a try (before the funny comments; the injections are into my head, not my face). I will post an update on it’s efficacy soon. Thanks for listening, for those who look for hope after a concussion-please keep fighting-don’t stop-it does get better…I am proof.

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