KIRO’s Chris Halsne Breaks News of Possible New Secret Service Scandal on ‘CBS This Morning’

By Merrill Knox 

The U.S. Secret Service may have another scandal on their hands. KIRO investigative reporter Chris Halsne is reporting that last year in El Salvador, an advance team of agents prepping for President Obama’s trip picked up a group of women at a strip club and brought them back to their hotel.

Halsne, who is just back from El Salvador, discussed the KIRO report today on “CBS This Morning” (video above).

The Secret Service responded to Halsne’s report with a statement that reads, “The recent investigation in Cartagena has generated several news stories that contain allegations by mostly unnamed sources.”

“Our station is working hard today on a story that is going to be breaking as we go, that will name some names,” Halsne said.