KING Takes Overall Social Media Ratings Lead In Seattle

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

The Tegna owned station in Seattle, KING, held on to the overall top spot in Seattle over the last 30 days.  They narrowly beat out KIRO, the Cox owned CBS affiliate.

On individual platforms though, different stations took the lead.

KIRO beat KING on Facebook. Its main station page became the first overall Facebook page in the market.  KCPQ, the Tribune owned Fox station, led on Twitter thanks to sports director Aaron Levine. KING took the top spot on Instagram.

Overall, engagement was down somewhat in the market over the last 30 days compared to the 30 days prior. KING and KOMO each saw their total engagement decrease from month to month, while KIRO’s was up +9.7% and KCPQ’s was up +12.4%.

Overall among individuals, KCPQ anchor and Washington’s Most Wanted host David Rose led the market with a 1.28 overall Share. He was the No. 1 individual on Facebook with about 97% of his engagement coming from that platform, and each of his Facebook posts averaged about 593 engagements. Levine was second overall among individuals thanks to his performance on Twitter. He had only 37,319 followers on the platform but generated 40,248 engagements.

KCPQ’s Director of Digital Strategy Travis Mayfield was third among individuals after he finished second on both Facebook and Instagram. Mayfield has 8,784 Facebook followers, but generated about 29,000 engagements in the month.

KPCQ anchor Bill Wixey was strongest on Facebook and number three in individuals and Twitter, where he was number four. Rounding out KPCQ’s sweep of the top five individuals was anchor/reporter Kaci Aitchison placing in the top 10 individuals on all three platforms Share Rocket tracks.

KCPQ dominated the individual rankings in the Seattle market, sweeping the top six spots among individuals overall. Of the remaining four spots in the top 10, two individuals work for KING, one works for KIRO, and one works for KOMO.