KGAN Reports on Former News Director’s Continued Investigation into Disappearance of Local Anchor

By Andrew Gauthier 

Cedar Rapids CBS-affiliate KGAN recently reported on some renewed interest in the disappearance of Jodi Huisentruit, who began her broadcasting career with the station.

Huisentruit disappeared in 1995, a short time before she was expected to arrive for work as a morning anchor for KIMT in Mason City.

“Investigators believe she was kidnapped, but they’ve never named a suspect, or found her body,” KGAN reporter Alice Barr told viewers on Thursday.  “Now some renewed interest in the case has her family and friends more dedicated than ever to finding justice for Jodi.”

Among those wanting justice for Huisentruit, is Gary Peterson, a former news director at KAAL in Austin, MN.

After extensively covering Huisentruit’s disappearance for KAAL, Peterson, along with KAAL anchor Josh Benson, launched the website, which Peterson continues to update.

In 2004, Peterson and Benson shot and edited a 13-part sweeps series on the unsolved case for KAAL (video here).

Here’s KGAN’s report on the continued interest in the Huisentruit case…