KFOR’s Mike Morgan to Receive Award for Keeping Oklahomans Safe in Tornadoes

By Kevin Eck 

A few months after being blamed for putting Oklahoma City viewers in danger during a series of tornadoes that hit the state, Mike Morgan will be one of three Oklahoma City meteorologists slated to receive the Lee Allen Smith Spirit of Oklahoma Award “for his tireless efforts to keep others safe and informed during the May tornadoes.”

Joining the meteorologist for the local NBC affiliate KFOR will be Gary England, former chief meteorologist for CBS affiliate KWTV, and Damon Lane, meteorologist for ABC affiliate KOCO.

“These exceptional weathermen were three of the many heroes who emerged as the deadly tornadoes battered our state in May,” OC president John deSteiguer said in a statement. “Their expertise, instincts and professionalism saved countless lives. Their invaluable service under pressure embodies the spirit of Oklahoma.”

According to The Lost Ogle, Lane and England took to twitter to add to the controversy swirling around Morgan after he suggested viewers leave their homes while the tornado approached if they did not have shelter.

Gary England was also accused of adding fuel to the fire by retweeting this:












Which viewers noticed::