KFMB Catches CHP Officer Handcuffing Firefighter in the Middle of a Rescue

By Kevin Eck 

A camera crew from San Diego CBS affiliate KFMB was rolling as a Chula Vista, CA, firefighter was handcuffed and thrown in the back of a CHP cruiser because he wouldn’t stop rescuing victims of a freeway crash and move his truck.

The crash happened on I-805 and involved a car that had flipped over a concrete divider. Chula Vista Fire Chief Dave Hanneman told the San Diego Union-Tribune fire crews are trained to use their vehicles to block traffic for safety.

The station said, “According to officials, the officer told firefighters to move three fire engines from the fast lane, and two complied, but one firefighter refused that request and continued giving aid to the crash victims.”

The firefighter who refused to move his vehicle was detained in the back of the CHP cruiser for about a half an hour before being released.

According to the station, the CHP hasn’t released the name of the arresting officer or if he will face any disciplinary action for the incident.