KATU Photographer Attacked Outside Portland School

By Andrew Gauthier 

Oregon Media Central

One man has been arrested after attacking KATU photographer Bob Bullock in an incident that was caught on camera. Bullock was injured while shooting weather video outside Laurelhurst School in Southeast Portland.

In video clips cut by KATU, a man later identified as Peter Fournier is seen approaching Bullock and pressing his back against the camera, blocking its view. Fournier calls Bullock a “loser reporter,” preceded by expletives deleted by KATU. Fournier then takes a couple of swipes at the camera. The video jumps to a brief scene of struggle as Fournier looks down, appearing to have his hands on the camera and possibly the photographer, accompanied by sounds of distress.

In KATU’s report, Bullock says the man initially told him that he shouldn’t be shooting video of children. Later, he ripped the camera’s viewfinder off. Fournier was arrested for assault, malicious mischief and impersonating an officer, according to KATU. Bullock reported bruised ribs and a cut up hand. More…