Kansas Anchor Raps COVID-19 Headlines

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

The coronavirus news cycle and the endless reads about the virus have worn down Wichita, Kan., morning anchor Shane Ewing.

Ewing, who is an anchor at KAKE, says he had enough of the depressing headlines so he decided to rap them.

“When you spend every waking minute reporting on coronavirus, you look for new ways to give the headlines. Or maybe it’s just me,” he said.


In a video he posted on his Facebook page, Ewing raps every word of the COVID-19 headlines from his show.

Viewers seemed to like his light spin on the news. One wrote, “I don’t know how you recorded all that with a straight face. I wanna see the bloopers!”

He says he did it all in one take. You can watch the video below.