Justin Berk on WMAR Departure: ‘We Were Unable to Come to an Agreement. It is That Simple.’

By Merrill Knox 

Meteorologist Justin Berk, who was cut loose at Baltimore’s WMAR last week after nine years with the station, has issued a statement about his exit on Facebook:

WMAR and I were unable to come to an agreement. It is that simple. First I want to be clear, it had NOTHING to do with that Ravens bet on TV with the Houston Meteorologist last Friday. That was pure coincidence and man, did Gene Norman get off easy. . It wasn’t money. Oh, and it definitely had nothing to do with a couple of missed calls for a dusting to an inch of snow near the beltway this winter ; )  I may love and push snow, but I stand by my record as a forecaster. I learn from every event, hit or missed … Anyway, the details with the station I am sorry I can’t get into.  There is a little sadness as this chapter closes, but nothing good can get accomplished if I focus on anything bad here.  What I can say is that I had a real smile on my face that day and since. This is a GOOD thing, and I truly believe that.

Berk plans to continue forecasting on Facebook and Twitter, calling social media platforms “more valuable than I can explain.”