Journalist Issued Ticket After Snapping Meter Maid Photo

By Andrew Gauthier 


There’s a new twist in Oakland’s battle over parking meters. A man who took a picture of a parking enforcement vehicle stopped in a red zone, thinks he’s being punished for snapping the photo.

“I saw a parking enforcement officer on Grand Avenue parked in a red zone,” said Tim Jue.

Jue is a journalist with KFSN — an ABC affiliate in Fresno. When he photographed the Oakland parking enforcement officer, he didn’t count on a $262 parking citation landing in his mailbox two weeks later.

According to the citation, Jue was parked in a bus lane at 2:27 a.m. “But I was at home sleeping. The car was at my house,” said Jue.

The supposed violation happened on the same day Jue says he took the picture of the red zone, which is a few blocks away from the bus stop. More…