John Bolaris Looks to Set Record Straight on ‘Dr. Phil’

By Kevin Eck 

Former Philadelphia meteorologist, John Bolaris went on “Dr. Phil” with fiancee Erica Smitheman to talk about everything from the loss of his job at WTXF, to the media coverage of his run-in with a Russian crime ring in 2010, and the more recent controversy over posting a naked picture of Smitheman.

A portion of the interview can be found on  Most notably, Bolaris repeated his assertions, despite what The Philly Post reported, he did not defecate in his pants during what many are calling his “real-life Hangover” after being drugged and swindled out of $43,000.

“Just before I’m getting out there to testify,” Bolaris told Dr. Phil. “I get a voicemail from this particular reporter saying, ‘You have thirty minutes to respond that you defecated in your pants and we’re going to run with it.  You have thirty minutes to respond.’  And I can’t respond,” added Bolaris. “He ran with it.  And that was the headline he ran with.  That John Bolaris ‘blanked’ himself.”

Dr. Phil also confronted the two over Smitheman’s recent twitter usage where the former Playboy model used Bolaris’ twitter account to promise she’d send out naked pictures of herself,

“Given everything that’s going on,” asked Dr. Phil. “Take me through the thought process of doing these twitters at this point?”  Smitheman responded by saying, “I didn’t think anything of it.  I was just playing around on his account.”

Bolaris added later, “I thought I would never get a job in television again because my name was just going to be associated with $%##$% pants.”