Jay Levine to ‘Shift Gears’ at WBBM

By Kevin Eck 

WBBM chief correspondent Jay Levine says he’s stepping down to become a special contributor for the Chicago CBS-owned station.

“After 42 years on the beat in Chicago, going into battle day after day with and against our competitors, fighting those who’d rather spin than speak the truth, covering emerging trends, bitter conflicts, lifestyle changes, and personalities, it’s time for me to shift gears,” he told colleagues in an email this morning.

Levine, who started at WBBM in 1990 as a weekend anchor and reporter, will still cover special events and assignments. Before going back to reporting in 2001, he joined his wife Mary Ann Childers as a morning news anchor in 1998.

“Jay represents the epitome of what it means to be a journalist,” said WBBM president and gm Marty Wilke. “He’s curious, tenacious and unapologetic in his mission to get the story and get it right. I know he has a lot more stories to tell and I’m glad he has chosen to stay with CBS 2 for this next phase of his journalism career.”