Investigative Journalist Phil Drechsler Says He’s Been Laid Off from KNBC

By Kevin Eck 

KNBC investigative journalist Phil Drechsler has announced he is no longer with the Los Angeles station after turning down the buyout at the end of last year.

“Short story… I was offered a buyout…turned it down…was laid off with all the provisions of the buy out,” Drechsler wrote on Twitter. “I’ll skip the long story. So…I have some time off.… a little runway. I love what I do. I still feel young. Let’s see what the next chapter brings. And hey……. If you know of anything…. Shoot me a PM. It was a great ride. No regrets. I got to work with some absolute legends. ✌️out.”

Drechsler had worked at the station since 2012. Before that, he worked at WCPO in Cincinnati.


Several longtime KNBC journalists have left the station recently including Fred Roggin, and those who accepted early retirement buyouts including anchor Chuck Henry and veteran reporters Beverly White, Vikki Vargas, Kim Baldonado and Angie Crouch.

We asked KNBC about the exit and will update the story when we hear back.