Indianapolis Photographer Saves Woman After Car Flips, Lands in Water

By Kevin Eck 

WXIN photojournalist Greg Dunn pulled a woman to safety after her car went into the Broad Ripple canal.

He said he heard a thump and turned around to see the car behind him go over the curb and end up upside down and floating in water.

“I tossed my phone to another lady and told her to call 911,” Dunn said. “Against my better judgment, I climbed down the side of the canal and got into the water. As I was climbing down, I started to hear her scream, and it scared the heck out of me.”

“I don’t know how I did it, really,” Dunn told the WXIN anchors who were interviewing him about the dramatic save. “She was soaking wet and scared out of her mind. I just did a story with ISP on how to help people out of cold water. Their first tip was to get your head about you. So I just tried to force her to look at me and try to not be so hysteric. I tried to calm her down, and I half-carried her. She sort of stumbled when we got back to shore. Two ladies who stopped behind me were able to reach down and grab her, and I pushed her up.”