In Utah, College-TV Station Operation Appoints ND

By Andrew Gauthier 

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Mainstreet Business Journal

The partnership of CMI and KCSG TV is bringing about positive changes for the broadcast center and for KCSG News. Among these is the appointment of Trina Cobbley as the News Director for the News Department of KCSG TV. She will be responsible for the content and execution of the nightly news broadcasts, and will assist the anchors, reporters and producers in making sure that the local news is timely, compelling and professional.

“Trina has impressed me with her willingness to jump in and get the job done, and has demonstrated positive attitude and strong team spirit,” states Don Shelline, General Manager of KCSG. Employees, staff and students of KCSG TV, CMI and the DSC Communications Program have expressed enthusiasm about the news and give full support to Trina Cobbley.

KCSG TV is making new strides in the broadcast industry and expects the partnership with CMI to launch fresh ideas and innovative media. KCSG has been providing news to the Southern Utah market for 9 years and is excited to now contribute to the education of students enrolled in the communications program at Dixie State College. More…